Season of Service

In partnership with Kaiser Permanente the San Leandro Education Foundation supports Season of service, period of Peace. Season of Service, Period of Peace is a ten- week long school-wide non- violence program, credited with reducing incidents of violence at the high school by 50%.

The Season of Service attempts to both empower and be transformative as it gives students a forum for their voices; a stage for their actions. It is aligned with San Leandro Unified’s Student Health & Wellness Center’s youth empowerment model: a process oriented, educational movement, guided by passion and principle, to help students develop consciousness of freedom, and connect knowledge to power and the ability to take constructive action.

The Season of Service has been a part of a series of non-violence activities at San Leandro High for the past seven years and has become the cornerstone to the school’s violence prevention program. Additional examples of student projects can be viewed at 

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Bancroft Middle School Projects 2016: 




SLHS Current Projects in 2016:
Week 4  
Love your Body- Key Club
The Key Club is promoting "Love Your Body" week to help everyone be aware of the negative impact media has on body image.
The Airborn Club is feeding the homeless and encouraging other to do the same. 
Week 3
Art in Action- the Art Club
                          The Art Club is encouraging students to interact with the art throughout campus to show what you would do to help prevent domestic violence.
The Notables vocal ensemble performed a medley of songs in classrooms and dedicated the performance to Rick Richards, founder of Keep Music Rockin' Foundation, who died last December.
Week 2
Free to Pee- Club rainbow
SLAM students in Cub Rainbow made this video to help show that all people need a safe place to pee.
SCAT TV Club made sandwiches and fleece scarves for the homeless and passed them out in San Francisco. 
Week 1 
SLHS Black Student Union organizes annual walk for peace and tolerance in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Business Academy 2016 Season of Service Project:

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Love Your Body